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toms Sko Last month, a Scottish man caused a sensation after he tried to open the emergency exit door on a KLM airliner at 30,000 feet. Upon landing, he was arrested, fined and barred from flying KLM for the next five years because,toms Sko as he explained, he mistook the plane’s rear exit for the lavatory.
It turns out this emergency exit snafu was far from unique,toms Sko especially in countries like Vietnam and China, where many passengers are riding a plane for the first time. In 2014 a man from mainland China opened the emergency chute upon landing because, as he put it,toms Sko he was in a hurry to get off. Chinese airline crews were more forgiving of the man in his 50s who pulled open the emergency exit on an Xiamen Air plane as it was about to take off because he “just wanted some fresh air.” It turned out that he had never flown before and didn’t realize there was any danger.
toms Sko Related: Is it Safe to Drink the Water on a Plane?
The good news is that you can’t toms Sko actually open the emergency exit in mid-flight. "You can’t open them for the simple reason that cabin pressure won’t allow it,” writes former commercial pilot Patrick Smith, author of "Cockpit Confidential,"toms Sko on his blog.
toms Sko That’s reassuring. But passengers can — and do — cause trouble for the airline and fellow passengers in plenty of other ways.
When ran a story last month about the growing number toms Sko of people getting kicked off airplanes for unruly behavior, 700 readers rushed to comment. They disagreed whether airlines, attendants or passengers were more at fault,toms Sko but most conceded that passengers today are ruder and attendants have shorter fuses.
toms Sko Here are some of the dumbest things passengers have done on planes, and bad behaviors flight attendants will really thank you not to emulate.
Mobile phone abuse. Alex Baldwin made headlines last year when was kicked off toms Sko a flight because he refused to stop playing Words with Friends on his cell phone. The Association of Flight Attendants is lobbying against cell phone calls on planes above 10,000 feet, according to Among other things,toms Sko loud talkers will likely infuriate other passengers and flight attendants will have to be the referees.
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